A listing of all my published works.

Falling Past Thessaly

Blood Rites | January, 2013
Coming in early 2013.

Origin Story

Night Terrors II | January, 2012


The Big Book of New Short Horror | October, 2011

The Night Runner

Murky Depths | September, 2008

Murder Monkey

Sinister Tales | October, 2007

A Candle for the Birthday Boy

Read by Dawn, Volume 2 | June, 2007

Carpenter's Thumb

The Harrow | March, 2007

The Painfully Slow Seduction of Aldus Lamb

Shadow Regions | April, 2006
Sadly, this anthology never got very far, thanks to mismanagement by the publisher. A lot of contributors never got paid and very few copies made it out.

The Corpse on the Wall

Wanderings Magazine | September, 2005
My first published story.