Today Be the Day, Ye Scalawags!

Avast, me bucko! Ye be knowin' what today is, dontcha, lads? Of course ye be knowin', cause if ye don't, it's the plank for ye, and a trip to Davy Jones' Locker! And dead men tell no tales! Today be a day of villains, black sheep, and really bad eggs. It be a day of peg legs, and eye patches and parrots on yer shoulder. A day of pillage and plunder and buryin' treasure. And if that be too much of a commitment for ye, at least ye can do yer best to talk less like a lubber and more like a true sea dog! So, gather yer crew, set course for Tortuga, and hoist yer rum in honor of National Talk Like a Pirate Day! Drink up, me hearties, yo HO! Yarr!

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