Oscar Predictions

My wife and I don’t get out as much as we used to, but we do still make a point of seeing as many of the Oscar nominated films as we can. Here, then, are my predictions for the 2011 Academy Awards:

Best Picture: The King’s Speech
The King’s Speech is going to win in a lot of categories this year. Sure, it’s a great movie, but it has a lot of things that the Academy seems to favor in its picks: period drama, characters overcoming mental and physical adversity, overlooked history. Seems a shoe-in for this category, as well as many others.

Best Director: David Fincher
The Social Network was fantastic, and Fincher deserves this award, if for nothing else than making two-and-a-half hours of talking heads into a compelling, even riveting film. But if I really had to pick from my gut, I’d pick Aronofsky for Black Swan, because that movie knocked me on my butt.

Best Actor: Colin Firth
I’ve been told by more than one person that I look a little like Colin Firth. But I’ve also been told I look like Patton Oswalt, so who can really say? Regardless, Colin Firth put in an amazing performance, and with a solid body of work backing him up, I think he’s going to take the award this year. And did I mention he kind of looks like me…

Best Actress: Natalie Portman
As I stated earlier, Black Swan knocked me on my butt, and most of that is due to Portman’s performance. Though I’ve only seen three out of the five movies in this category (I missed Blue Valentine and Rabbit Hole), it’s hard to imagine any performance having the same impact as this one did. Let’s just hope the academy has had enough time to forget the Star Wars prequels.

Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale
I’m consistently amazed by the lengths that Christian Bale goes to in his performances. Like in The Machinist, he lost a ton of weight for this role, and is thoroughly convincing in every way. Not to mention the fact that he completely steals every scene he’s in (though he is stealing from Marky Mark, which hardly seems fair.)

Best Supporting Actress: Hailee Steinfeld
This category is the hardest one for me to call. I didn’t get out to see Animal Kingdom, but the performances I did see are incredibly solid. I do have a soft spot for Hailee, and True Grit in general, so I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and hope that she gets the nod.

Best Documentary: Inside Job
This one is a shot in the dark, since I didn’t see any of the nominees (have you!?) I’m going with Inside Job because of the subject matter.

Best Animated Feature: Toy Story 3
Pixar. Done. Next!

Best Original Screenplay: The King’s Speech
A great movie and a great story, starring Colin Firth, who I kinda look like.

Best Adapted Screenplay: The Social Network
They say that screenplays should clock in at about a page a minute. This one’s probably two or three, and every word is a treasure.

Best Foreign Language Film: Biutiful
Ugh. Who knows with this one? Most years, I get to at least a couple of the foreign film nominees, but this year, I haven’t seen a single one. I’ll just go with the one that Javier Bardem is in.

Best Art Direction: Alice In Wonderland
I hate making this prediction, mainly because the movie sucked so bad. I’m tired of Tim Burton taking things I love and making them suck. It was gorgeous, though. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Inception.

Best Cinematography: Black Swan
Going with the gut on this one, though it’s a close call between Swan and True Grit.

Best Costume Design: Alice In Wonderland
Again. Fuck!

Best Film Editing: The Social Network
Another close call here. I think The Social Network will take it. Can’t really articulate why. It’s my gut, and I’m going with it.

Best Original Score: Inception
This score gets under your skin and makes a little home for itself there. It’s iconic, complex and relentless.

Best Original Song: “We Belong Together” from Toy Story 3
Randy Newman. Done. Next. Fuck!

Best Sound Mixing: Inception
It’s hard for me to separate sound editing from sound mixing, which I know makes you lose respect for me. I’m going with Inception, mainly because it’s loud.

Best Sound Editing: Inception
See above.

Best Visual Effects: Inception
That awful Tim Burton movie might just take this category, but I’ve already typed it enough, and my stomach can’t take once more, so Inception it is!

Best Makeup: The Wolfman
Sadly, no amount of makeup could make Benecio Del Toro convincing as Anthony Hopkins’ son. It will still take the win.

Best Animated Short Film: Day & Night
Pixar. Done. Unless, of course, people confuse it with the Cruise/Diaz disasterbacle.

Best Documentary Short: Poster Girl
When in doubt in this category, go political. But they’re all political! Ack!

Best Live-Action Short: Na Wewe
Picking this one for the subject matter.

There you have it! We’ll see how well I did when the Oscars air on Sunday night!

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